Barnham Windmill


Title: Barnham Windmill
Description: Operational between 1829 and 1963, the mill is built on the site of a post mill that had been blown down in 1827. Although the mill is currently being restored to full working order, the tea rooms have already been completed and now offer a very warm welcome.

Address: Yapton Road, Barnham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Post Code: PO22 0BD

Further Information:
Built on the site of a post mill that had been blown down in a storm on 11th October 1827, the current mill was constructed by Henry Martin of Bognor in 1829. By 1878 a spur had been added to the main beam below the stone floor, as well as a second set of grinding stones in order to increase the mill's output.

In 1890, the height of the mill was increased by 18 inches so that larger sweeps could be added. Steam power was also installed at this time via an auxiliary drive and belt to a steam engine, which was located outside the mill at ground level. One set of grinding stones was later removed (in about 1905) and the sweeps shortened again.

The Industrial Revolution progressed rapidly, reducing the need for wind power. Mills were required in the summer when the grain was dry; this caused a clash with Mother Nature as the most wind is produced in the winter. As a result, by 1919 the use of wind power had ceased completely and in 1926 a 40hp Hornsby gas engine replaced the steam engine. Although the sweeps remained until 1939, they were disconnected from the drive shaft. Sometime later, when the gas engine came to the end of its life, it was replaced by a 30hp electric motor.

During the Second World War, the army used the mill as an observation post to alert nearby RAF Tangmere of the danger of approaching enemy aircraft. The main gallery supporting beams were removed in 1946 because of damage sustained during the war.

In 1958 the fantail and remaining pair of sweeps were removed, but it was not until five years later that the stones turned for the last time.

In 1991 work started on the restoration of the mill. This however stopped in 1993 and only when the the mill changed hands in 1994 was work able to start on renovation once more. 1995 saw the opening of the tea rooms and thanks to the hard work of the owners, Barry and Joy Lee, and members of the Barnham Windmill Supporters Group, the mill is steadily being rebuilt.