British Engineerium

Brighton & Hove

Title: British Engineerium
Description: Opened in 1866 to deliver water to Brighton and Hove, electric motors replaced the steam pumps soon after World War Two. The steam pumps were restored in 1976 and the building is now a museum to all things to do with steam engines.

Address: The Droveway, , Hove, East Sussex
Post Code: BN3 7QA

Further Information:
Goldstone Pumping Station opened in 1866 to supply much of the water for Brighton and Hove. Water is raised 160 feet (50 metres), a task that was originally designated to steam driven pumps. A number of new electric pumps were installed soon after the Second World War and the steam pumps began to decay.

Enthusiasts, in response to a proposal to demolish the building and scrap the equipment, enabled the placement of a preservation order on the pumping house. Restoration work started soon afterwards and in 1976, almost 100 years after it was first installed, number two beam engine was restarted.

The museum now not only shows the beam engines in operation, but also has a collection of railway engines, fire engines, steam rollers, plus models, tools and machines which relate to the development of steam power.