Coombes Church

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Title: Coombes Church
Description: Dating from the late 11th or early 12th century, the dedication of Coombes Church is unknown. This simple church has wall paintings, which are on a par with those at Clayton, Hardham and Plumpton.

Address: Church Farm, Coombes, Lancing, West Sussex
Post Code: BN15 0RS

Further Information:
This small and unspoiled church is mentioned in the Domesday Book and dates from the late eleventh or early twelfth century. Although the nave and a number of windows from that era remain, some of the windows were replaced or enlarged in the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Once divided from the nave by a screen or a set of gates, the chancel was enlarged in the late thirteenth or early fourteenth century, when the line of the nave walls was continued further to the east. The position of the old wall is marked internally with a key pattern on the western face.

The original chancel arch, which is 2 ft. 6 in. thick, bears a number of well-carved faces although these are of a later period than the arch. The remains of a doorway in the north wall of the chancel can be seen. This once led to another building, perhaps the vestry, which no longer exists.

Discovered in 1949, a number of the wall paintings date from between 1130 and 1140 (although some are as late as 1753) and are on a par with those found at Clayton, Hardham and Plumpton.