Easebourne Priory

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Title: Easebourne Priory
Description: Founded some time before 1238, the remains of Easebourne Priory are incorporated into the current vicarage and church.

Address: Easebourne Lane, Easebourne, Nr Midhurst, West Sussex
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Further Information:
The priory of Augustinian nuns was part of an endowment to the abbey of Seez in Normandy. Founded some time before 1238, and now incorporated into the vicarage and the church of St Mary, the remains consist of two sides of the building around the cloisters.

Instead of building their own church, the nuns made use of the twelfth-century parish church. Overly restored in 1869, though the tower remains as original.

Bachelors' Gate, a house that still exists in Easebourne, is reputed to have been a secret meeting place between some of the nuns and the local bachelors.