Hardham Church

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Title: Hardham Church
Description: The earliest medieval wall paintings to survive anywhere in England can be found in this simple little church.

Address: London Road (A29), , Hardham, West Sussex
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Further Information:
The church of St Botolph dates back to the eleventh century but as Hardham was one of the Romans' posting stations on the road from Chichester to London, some tiles from that era are also incorporated into the building.

Inside is a full set of medieval wall paintings including scenes, which show St George on horseback bearing a lance, and is believed to represent the Battle of Antioch in 1098.

Not only the earliest but also the best to survive anywhere in England, the paintings lack their original bright colours as they were plastered over in the thirteenth century and not rediscovered until 1866. The paintings on the chancel arch are however particularly good.