Jack and Jill Windmills


Title: Jack and Jill Windmills
Description: Two mills can be found high on the South Downs above Clayton, one called Jack and the other called Jill; they live on the line of the South Downs Way. Jill dates from 1821 and is a white post mill. She was originally located at Brighton, but in 1852 was moved here by a team of oxen. Jack was built on the site in 1866 and replaced another post mill, which dated from 1765. He is a brick tower mill and 1973 was fitted with new sweeps (sails) on behalf of a Hollywood film company that used him during a shoot. Jack is now privately owned and is not open to the public. Jill has been restored by volunteers and can be viewed.

Address: Mill Lane, Clayton, Nr Hassocks, West Sussex
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