Newhaven Fort

Historic Buildings

Title: Newhaven Fort
Description: Displays from Napoleon to World War II available plus a film theatre, underground tunnels and panoramic views.

Address: Fort Road, , Newhaven, East Sussex
Post Code: BN9 9DL

Further Information:
Following a threat of invasion by the French in 1859, seventy-two coastal forts were built along the coast, including the one at Newhaven. Built high above the sea, an area of 10 acres (4 hectares) including a parade ground and quarters for the three hundred strong garrison was enclosed by massive walls.

Sunk into the ground, the fort was joined by storerooms and passageways, which were tunnelled into the hillside. Above, the gun emplacements were home to forty-two guns, which were updated by the army during the Second World War.

In 1956, when the army left, the fort fell into disrepair. Only recently has it been restored and now houses displays from Napoleon to World War II, a film theatre, picnic area and a souvenir shop. The underground tunnels are also open to the public and there are fantastic panoramic views.