Pallant House Gallery, Chichester


Title: Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
Description: Located in a fully restored Queen Anne town house, 20th century art from artists such as Piper, Moore, Sutherland and many more can be found.

Address: 9 North Pallant, , Chichester, West Sussex
Post Code: PO19 1TJ

Further Information:
Built for a prosperous wine merchant Henry Peckham in 1712, Pallant House is one of the finest of its period. Henry Peckham's family crest was the ostrich; unfortunately the sculptor who produced the stone birds that guard the gateway had never seen a real ostrich and as a result, Pallant House is known as Dodo House locally.

Now restored and open as a furnished museum and gallery, the Walter Hussey Collection (gifted by a former Dean of Chichester), a fine collection of bone china, sculpture and paintings are on display.