Pevensey Castle


Title: Pevensey Castle
Description: Built by the Romans as a fortress, Pevensey Castle has seen everything from the battles in the Middle Ages, to the invasion of 1066. You can even see World War II gun emplacements amongst the remains of this once great castle.

Address: Castle Road, , Pevensey, East Sussex
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Further Information:
Built in the fourth century AD by the Romans as a defence against the land-hungry Saxons, Pevensey Castle (known to the Romans as Anderida or Anderita) was the last and the largest of the fortifications that they built between Norfolk and the Isle of Wight. Rising to a height of 30 feet (9 metres) in places, the walls surround an area of 10 acres (4 hectares). Ten great bastions were placed around the oval walls which once had the sea lapping on three sides.

Following the departure by the Romans, the South Saxons led by Aella and Cissa, captured the castle in 491, killing all of the Britons who lived there. Nearly 600 years later, the Normans invaded the area. They repaired the defences, built a castle inside the old Roman walls and founded the town of Pevensey. The Normans constructed a keep and bailey soon after the Battle of Hastings and in the thirteenth century a gatehouse was added to the keep and stone curtain walls built.

The sea continued to be pushed away from the castle by land reclamation and as a result the military importance of a fortification at Pevensey diminished. The castle was pretty much abandoned although further fortifications were added during the Spanish Armada in Tudor times and then again during the Second World War.

Today the castle stands nearly 2 miles (3km) from the sea and substantial remains dating back to Roman and Norman times can be seen.