St Nicholas, Shoreham

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Title: St Nicholas, Shoreham
Description: One of two churches in Shoreham-by-Sea, both Norman in origin, this one is located where the Normanís first settled, a mile up the River Adur. Continued silting up of the river caused them to move closer to the sea and build a second church.

Address: St Nicholas Lane, , Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
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Further Information:
The first of two churches in Shoreham, this one being dedicated to St Nicholas who was the patron saint of mariners. It was built soon after the Norman invasion of 1066, when the port of Shoreham was further up river. Continued silting up of the river made the Normans move closer to the sea, building a second church.

Saxon in origin and retaining a number of features from this period, the church of St Nicholas was rebuilt by the Normans with a new central tower, transepts and an enlarged chancel being added. The chancel was rebuilt in about 1300 in the Early English style although the fine Norman arches on the four sides of the tower crossing dominate the inside.