St Wilfrid's Chapel, Selsey

Church Norton
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Title: St Wilfrid's Chapel, Selsey
Description: The history of St Wilfrid goes back to 681 when he was Bishop of the South Saxons. The Chapel was once a full Parish Church and was refurbished in 1905.

Address: Rectory Lane, , Church Norton, West Sussex
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Further Information:
The Cathedral of St. Wilfrid was erected when he became Bishop of the South Saxons in 681. In 1075, after the Norman invasion, the Bishop was moved to Chichester and it is thought that the building that he left behind fell into disrepair. No remains of this Cathedral exist today.

The parish church, which was built on or near the site of the Cathedral, was being used when Selsey (previously called Sutton) grew in size and became a village.

At around 1866 the majority of the church was dismantled and transported the two miles to the village, stone by stone. All that remained is the chancel which was refurbished in 1905 and renamed St. Wilfrid's Chapel in 1917.