The Guildhall, Chichester

Historic Buildings

Title: The Guildhall, Chichester
Description: The Guildhall, built in 1269 and originally the church of the Greyfriars, later became the Town Hall and Law Courts. Displays here show the story of the building and surrounding countryside.

Address: Priory Park, Priory Road, Chichester, West Sussex
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Further Information:
Originally the chancel of the Franciscan friars church, it was built in 1269 on the site of an early Norman castle. A mound in Priory Park, the home of the Guildhall Museum, is the site of the old castle keep.

Later used as the town hall and courtroom, it was here in 1804 that the poet William Blake was tried for sedition. Although he was later acquitted, he had allegedly spoken out in support of Napoleon Bonaparte in front of a soldier at his home in Felpham.

An architectural wall painting from the period, monumental stonework and displays concerning the history of the building and the surrounding area are on display.